HINNOM MAGAZINE 002 Cover Reveal and Table of Contents

Greetings from the Valley of Hinnom,

We are excited to present to you the cover and table of contents for Hinnom Magazine 002. Cover design is by the amazing Matthew Andrew. His vintage feel for the cover shouts back to the old Weird Tales magazines that helped Lovecraft cement his name in the pulp arena. The homage to Lovecraft is also beautiful, his underwater environment and the dark tentacles personifying the horrors of the unknown that Lovecraft wrote so fervently of.

The magazine will be available in print and e-book from all distributors and in all formats August 31st.

Without further ado, here is the cover illustration by Matthew Andrew and the table of contents (as promised, double the stories):

HP Lovecraft front


Celebrating the Unknown: Introduction by C.P. Dunphey

Enquiries from the Abyss: Interview with Dark Fiction Author T.E. Grau


“Godmouth” by P.L. McMillan (Featured Story)

“Black Dog” by Max D. Stanton

“Death Carriage” by Matthew Penwell

“A Little Dead Thing” by John S. McFarland

“Vessel” by Ibai Canales

“Dry Bones” by Charles D. Shell

“The Nocturne of Manigault” by Joanna Costello

“Nothing but Dans, All the Way Down” by Konstantine Paradias

“The Power of Hate” by Hugh McStay

“Spidering Down an Alley” by Jeff Johnson

“Last of the Aztec Riders” by Mark Mellon (Reprint)


OATS STUDIOS: Volume 1 — Rakka, Firebase, Zygote — A Gehenna Post Review


Thanks as always for stopping by. If you are an author, don’t forget to submit to our next issue, reading period beginning in September! We also are still open for submissions to our Year’s Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology and the stories are filling fast.

On a final note, both “Enquiries from the Abyss” and our OATS STUDIOS: Volume 1 reviews were first published on this site at the following links: Rakka, Firebase, and Zygote. If you wanted to read those to curb your anticipation for Hinnom Magazine, you can read those ahead of the release.

Keep your eyes out for more macabre updates.

Embrace the Unknown.

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