INFINITE DARKNESS (The Edge: Volume 2) — A Gehenna Post Review

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We were invited to review Infinite Darkness by horror maestro and author Patrick Reuman. Our very own G.A. Miller, Mijat Vujačić, and Blair Frison happened to be featured in this anthology and we could not pass the opportunity up. So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Cover for Infinite Darkness: The Edge Volume 2

Infinite Darkness (The Edge: Volume 2) is a collection about the darker sides of fiction, asking the reader to embrace the terror and the horrors that reside within. The collection doesn’t have a cohesive theme or narration, drifting between clowns, evil children, hitchhiking cannibals, Ed Gein, ghosts, and more. This lack of cohesion doesn’t harm the anthology as a whole, though some times it is difficult to understand the design of the anthology. Reuman has stories sprinkled throughout the collection, usually between the works of other authors. Upon first reading, it did feel that some of these stories could either be removed or replaced with longer, singular works.

Cover for The Edge Volume 1: The Edge of Madness

Nonetheless, beyond this nitpicky detail, there are some serious works of fiction here. Obvious highlights are seen in Reuman’s “The Smile,” Kevin M. Folliard’s “Carnival Debt,” G.A. Miller’s “Shower Time,” Mijat Vujačić’s “The Bus,” and Sarah Gribble’s “The Darkness Inside.” Each of these tales were compelling and often horrific in nature, lending a lasting reading experience to anyone brave enough to embrace the darkness.

Though we would like to see an anthology from Reuman that has a more specific theme, Infinite Darkness does not fail to impress with what it brings to the table. The varying genres and themes of the stories, though not cohesive, offer a consistently transforming literary experience. The transitions feel smooth and fast-paced, making it difficult to put the book down once you start reading. The interior design is also something to commend for its simple and neat formatting, which lends a hand to the readability of the collection as a whole.

Reuman’s second volume of The Edge was an enjoyable, fun reading experience. Though there are some flaws here, we highly recommend the collection if you are looking for something fun and fast, disturbing and horrific, to engage your time with. It will be interesting to see where Reuman goes from hereon out. He is definitely an author and editor that we should keep our eyes on.

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