A Few Updates Regarding Body Horror Anthology: Paperback List Price, Introduction Status, etc.

Greetings from the Valley of Hinnom,

The Body Horror Anthology is set to release on the 30th. The e-book version is currently live for pre-orders and the print will be available on the 30th.

We have ordered the proof and so far, things look fantastic.

As far as the introduction, we have decided to forgo it for this volume. However, we are reaching out to one of the biggest voices in body horror for the introduction of Volume 2, set to release next year. If everything falls in line, we should have a very noteworthy voice on board.

The e-book is listed for $4.99. When compared to other “Best Of” anthologies, this is about half of what the usual list price is for these types of collections. Also, we made the decision to have the paperback listed at $14.99. With the size of the book, this has limited profit margins for the company. But we feel it was the right move.

Years Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology

We have never been in this business to make money. We have always wanted to inspire people and help writers be heard. Considering the price for this collection, we feel it will make the book much more accessible and in the end, this is all that we want.

Thanks to everyone for their support, the companies, blogs, and websites that have mentioned us, and for you, the readers. We will do everything in our power to make sure your faith in us is always rewarded.

Ten days until showtime!

Ten days until we all Embrace the Unknown.

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