Don’t Sweat the Haters

Fantastic words for anyone working in the arts.

Philip Fracassi

I don’t really do opinion pieces. But every now and then I’m motivated – usually through an unpleasant experience – to open my keyboard mouth and yammer in 12-point font about something or other.

This is for all the Strugglers out there. You know who you are.

Quickly, a personal history (it’s relevant, I swear):

In the late 90’s, I received a few hundred rejections for a literary novel called THE EGOTIST. Most of those (this is the late 90’s) were pre-printed postcard-sized rejections (less postage than a letter).

After a couple years of denial and roadblocks, I started my own publishing company called Equator Books, hired a professional editor and book designer, launched an LLC, learned everything I could about publishing and marketing books, and released THE EGOTIST myself.

egotist cover

Mind you, this is a time when there was no print-on-demand. You had to invest in the work. Something most…

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