UPDATE: Hinnom Magazine 003 TOC and Cover Reveal

Greetings from the Ether,

Set for publication on the day of Halloween, we now present to you the table of contents and cover art for Hinnom Magazine Issue 003. Featuring seven brand new stories from the top authors today, two interviews and two reviews, this tome will be more than enough to satisfy your Hallow’s Eve urges. Just take a gander at that beautiful artwork by Travis Holmes, a true master of his craft.

Can you guess all the literary horror figures on the cover?

Hinnom Magazine Issue 003 cover art by Travis Holmes




QUESTIONS FROM THE VOID: An Interview with Dark Fiction author Philip Fracassi

INSIDE THE SHADOW BOOTH with Dan Coxon (Interview)


“Limbs” by Jim Horlock

“Home Again” by Adrian Ludens

“Jennifer Brings it to Work” by Jack Lothian

“The Enamelled Crown” by Steve Toase

“Reflected in the Eyes of Wolves” by Joachim Heijndermans

“Lump” by D.J. Tyrer

“Bonjour, Stevie” by David Turton


BLADE RUNNER 2049: Modern Struggles of a Visual Masterpiece — A Gehenna Post Review

DEMONS (2017) and the Quest of Indie film — A Gehenna Post Review



Thank you so much as always for stopping by and make sure to follow us on social media! We will be announcing a huge sale for the week of Halloween so please stay tuned.

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