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Our friends at the Shadow Booth are making steady progress with their Kickstarter. This literary journal is going to be out of this world and we are very excited to see the dreams of the editor Dan Coxon and these amazing writers come true. We will be interviewing all of the authors involved to help spread the word.

If you haven’t already, please make sure to stop by and visit their Kickstarter! Some Gehenna & Hinnom products may be awaiting you there.

Alas, let’s begin! We’d like to introduce you to Shadow Booth author Sarah Read.

Photo of Sarah Read

CP: You have had success with your writing, being published in Pantheon Magazine and Suspended in Dusk. What about The Shadow Booth piqued your interest? Why are Dark Fiction and Weird Fiction important?


SR: I love to read and write weird/dark fiction, so I’m always excited to learn of a new journal. From what I’ve seen, Shadow Booth is going to be an excellent addition to the weird lit world.


Dark and weird fiction are important in their own right, as entertainment. Because it’s fun. But I also think it’s valuable for our brains to spend time in dark places, exploring the weirdness of our minds. 



CP: Could you tell us a little about your story “Dead Man’s Curve?” What inspired it, how did it come to fruition?


SR: My dad used to take us four-wheeling in southern Colorado and New Mexico. There were a number of “so this is how I die” moments—especially when I’d look over the edges of cliffs and see the shattered remains of cars and I’d know someone must have died. It didn’t look survivable. And there were times we’d come nose-to-nose with another vehicle that would drive down right out of the clouds and there would be this aggressive attempt to pass each other on this narrow rocky path. I started to wonder if these road-raging cloud-jeeps were the ghosts of dead off-roaders. And I wondered how they’d even get the bodies out of those cars on the cliff sides, or if the birds and coyotes got them. It stuck with me.



CP: Can you tell us a little about your writing process? Any advice for budding authors?


SR: I usually start from one image or one line, and build from that. I tend to write sparsely and then add the layers of detail in drafts, so I’m always adding and rarely cutting. I hand write everything for the first draft, because I think better that way.

As for advice, I’d say to just keep writing, finish stories even if you don’t like them. Save your work, because you never know what will be useful later. 



CP: Who influenced you as a writer? How does this reflect in your own work?


SR: I think I collect influences. I love so many things, so many books. It’s a good problem to have. I’ve been influenced a lot by the classics my grandmother gave me—the Brontes, Dickens, Burnett. But I’ve been reading horror my whole life. Coville and Stine, then Rice and Koontz. Now it’s Shirley Jackson and Stephen Graham Jones.


I think it all adds up to that love for the uncanny. I like stories where things are Not Quite Right in a way that eventually breaks your heart.



CP: What other ventures do you have planned for the future? What can our readers look forward to?


SR: I have a few more stories coming out this year and some lined up for next year. Suspended in Dusk 2 comes out in January and I’m really excited to read the stories included there. I’m currently shopping around a novel manuscript, so fingers crossed for that! And I’m hoping to put together a collection of stories soon. I’m staying busy! You can keep up with news at my site


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Thank you as always for stopping by and please make sure to visit The Shadow Booth and follow us on social media!


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