Lovecraftian Comics, Art, and Cartoons? Consider us in.

Greetings from the Nether Realm,

Lovecraft’s influence has spread across nearly all forms of art, from literature to film. A field that his tentacled hands haven’t been fully exposed to yet is that of comics. Yes, there are many series like Locke & Key or Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, that clearly hold inspiration. But Pete Von Sholly is putting together the most Lovecraftian comics ever known to non-elder beings.

Enter: The Son of Ugh!

As the description reads on the Kickstarter:

This is a collection of comics with monsters, dinosaurs, girls, Lovecraft and more of the stuff I dearly love drawing and writing about. There is horror and humor galore in 11 new stories created just for UGH! magazine and this collection. Making comics was what I always waned to do- and after a long and wonderful career in movies and television I am finally doing them. Last Halloween I launched my first Kickstarter, which was the first “Stories to Make You Say UGH!” collection and it’s time to do it again. I always enjoy commissions and will be happy to draw something just for you if you choose that reward. My goal is to find and entertain my audience and also to expand it so I can continue doing what I love best- So please open wide and say UGH!

Needless to say, with the beautiful artwork and original styles, any fan of the weird will be akin to support this amazing venture. Drop on over to the Kickstarter, there are only 5 hours left to back! Let’s help make this innovative and original project a success.

pvs 2


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