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With the release of Hinnom Magazine Issue 004, we’d like to spotlight some of the authors involved. Leah Bond’s story “Sight Unseen,” which was co-written with Peter Rawlik, is a cosmic weird tale that hearkens to Lovecraft’s “Colour out of Space,” while standing on its own feet with beautiful prose and an intense final act. Bond is quite busy on the site Legends of Tabletop and has previously been published in Mantid Magazine. We’re proud to present our interview with the author and we hope you’ll enjoy.


When not brewing up adult beverages, playing with strange soundmaking devices, or immersing herself in Patient Advocacy, Leah Bond can be found penning various reviews and performing interviews for the fellows over at

A prior tale of hers can be found in the Summer 2016 issue of Mantid Magazine.

CP: Could you tell us a little about yourself? Why you find the darker side of fiction appealing?

LB: My maiden name may have been “Bates,” but I blame Maybelline. Exposure to classic Hitchcock films had a bit to do with this early on, and that pinpoint of awareness slowly began to spread.

CP: “Sight Unseen,” which you wrote with Peter Rawlik, is a unique Lovecraftian horror tale. Can you delve into the inspirations for the story? How it came to fruition?

LB: I am somewhat new to this game of weaving fiction. He was gracious enough to let me play around in this sandbox (within a pre-existent sandbox) that he had created. The bones of the story are fully his; I have merely tried my best to season that broth.

CP: The website you do interviews and reviews for, Legends of Tabletop, can be a great resource for readers and authors alike. What do you hope to accomplish with your contributions? What can authors look forward to from the site in 2018?

LB: I must admit, it’s different being on the other side of the lens, and I have had a vested interest in taking the most from these discussions that I am able. (Thanks for talking to me, everybody.) I look forward to continuing the discussion over the next year!

CP: If you could meet and converse with any writer, living or dead, who would it be? Why?

LB: Robert Anton Wilson. We could watch the news. I would drink and cry, and he would laugh and tell me all about how he lived through Nixon and that I just need to reprogram my reality tunnel.

CP: What can readers look forward to from Leah Bond in 2018? Do you have any stories brewing?

LB: I tell myself I need to get moving on pieces about teeth and the Prairie if I am going to hit respective submission deadlines, but I should focus on the mechanics of building story instead. I think I can look around. Now I had better learn to crawl.  

CP: Tell us something not many readers know about you.

LB: I have earned the ability to add the elegant G.P. suffix to my name from the Gemological Institute of America, during a more civilized age.

CP: What is your writing process?

LB: I blurt out everything. I tell it all, and some more. So much more. I fight against all of my strongest instincts and pare it down. I sit on that for a few days. I come back, look at it again and doubt my vile wretchedness. After a final pass I throw the lump of words into the void.

CP: If you could give any tidbit of advice to aspiring authors, what would it be, and why?

LB: This question vexes me, as I find myself in that category still. Never stop learning.

Catch Leah in Hinnom 004 with her tale “Sight Unseen,” releasing on the 31st!

Cover of Hinnom 004 by Travis Holmes

Thank you so much for stopping by, as always, and make sure to pre-order Hinnom 004 and check out Leah’s website and other works. Follow us on social media!


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