Editing your work: word redundancy

Excellent advice from a fantastic author.


Having just finished the line edit for RAVENCRY, I’ve noticed that it has changed the way that I’m writing the draft of the next book in the Raven’s Mark series. Editing can sometimes feel like an isolated process, so I decided that I’d share the way that I’m approaching writing now.

Key things that I’m keeping in mind:

  • Clarity
  • Brevity
  • Removing redundancy

Prose choices are stylistic and a personal choice. I like to write in a way that’s clear, neat and where the words don’t get in the way of a reader’s experience of the story. At heart I’m a storyteller rather than a poet. If you prefer your prose to be different, then that’s not in any way wrong, it’s just a choice.

Below I’ve posted three versions of the same opening paragraph from a book that I started and abandoned back around 2014.

  1. The paragraph as I wrote…

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