A PREVIEW OF THINGS TO COME: Hinnom Magazine 006 & 007 Cover Reveals

Greetings from the Valley of Hinnom,

With Hinnom Magazine Issue 005 releasing in the next few days, we wanted to give you a little taste of things to come. Below you will find the covers for Hinnom Magazine Issue 006 and Hinnom Magazine Issue 007, set for release on April 30th and June 30th, respectively. Vincent Van Hoof provided the beautiful Cthulhu artwork for 006 and Tyler Reitan provided the “Ocean Man” artwork for 007.


Hinnom 006 Preview Cover
Artwork by Vincent Van Hoof


hinnom 007 preview cover
Artwork by Tyler Reitan

Let us know what you think, and make sure to pre-order Hinnom Magazine Issue 005 while you still can! The sale on all of our titles is still live in the U.S. and U.K. Amazon marketplaces, so make sure to catch up on previous issues before 005 releases. If you’re new to the brand, you can also buy the first 5 issues of the magazine in a bundle for the price of one paperback.

Thank you so much for stopping by and make sure to follow us on social media, and to check out our Patreon!

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