A QUIET PLACE (2018) — A Gehenna Post Review

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You know a film is going to be good when there is a public service announcement before the movie’s opening that tells the audience to keep their mouths shut. The insane part? In a world where theaters are plagued with loud-mouthed teenagers and attention-craving clowns, it worked. There wasn’t a single audience member who ruined the film for everyone else, which is a rare commodity these days.

quiet 1
Still from A Quiet Place (2018)

The truth is, A Quiet Place can’t possibly be viewed to its full effect without silence and the loud surround sound of movie theater speakers. This film is one of the most innovative, unbelievable works of art to come out in recent memory. Like we said in our previous reviews of The Ritual and It (2017), we are in the midst of a horror revolution in cinema. A Quiet Place is another notch in the belt, providing audiences with a fresh, unique spin on horror.

quiet 2
Still from A Quiet Place (2018)

Its storyline is fascinating, the writing top notch (as it would have to be for a film with little to no dialogue), the acting is Oscar level for our leads, and the ending is satisfying, which is something many horror films lack. We are quickly thrust into a terror-filled reality that feels like an awful fever dream we just can’t wake up from. John Krasinski shines as both director and lead actor, yet another former comic actor who has exploded onto the horror scene, like Jordan Peele similarly did last year with Get Out.

quiet 4
Still from A Quiet Place (2018)

The cinematography is beautiful, perfectly capturing the subtle quietness (no pun intended) of an apocalyptic world. Score artist Marco Beltrami perfectly accompanies us on the ride, providing a soundtrack that is as haunting as it is endearing. We have moments where the score is beautiful, piano-filled and melancholy, and other moments where it is downright terrifying. The editing of the film is key in ensuring that our attention is never drawn away from the screen, that we’re never given the chance to remember this is a film and not real life. Just like the other facets of the movie, this is nailed home perfectly.

Still from A Quiet Place (2018)

As we always say, the best horror is character-driven. From the opening sequence, it’s established that we have a story not of monsters, but of a family trying their hardest to keep their composure in a world that has ended. There are so many little details strewn about through A Quiet Place that add to its intensity, and Krasinski’s ability to masterfully execute tension is unparalleled. Once things get going, they don’t stop until the viewer is gasping for breath. Speaking of gasping for breath, there’s some fun trivia about Emily Blunt’s bathtub scene that you should read. Talk about great acting. Also, one of the brightest stars in the film is the young Millicent Simmonds, who plays Regan. The fact that the actress is deaf in real life only adds to just how mind blowing her performance really is.

quiet 6
Still from A Quiet Place (2018)

A stunning display of nail-biting intensity, the lengths in which we will protect our loved ones, and the horrors that lie in a world where uttering a single word could mean certain death, A Quiet Place is a masterpiece of suspense and a film that will not soon be forgotten by audiences around the world.

quiet 7



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