CTHULHU 1816: The Year Without Summer – Press Release

Greetings from the Ether,

We wanted to shine the light on a new Kickstarter that will be sure to entertain longtime fans of the Lovecraft Mythos and newcomers alike. The anthology has a historical twist to it, each story revolving around a different event that took place in 1816. There are some fantastic writers who have contributed, with editor Dickon Springate helming the project. With a little under 21 days to go and the Kickstarter at about 50% funded, we encourage you to consider helping this anthology come to fruition. Some great rewards are in store for backers and the release itself will be one to remember.

From the Kickstarter:

1816 was a year unlike any other and without question it shaped the decades and centuries to come.  Most believe the palatable bland narratives of their history books, however the true explanations behind the various causes and events of that year were far more horrifying than they could possibly realise.

Stories told from alternative and unexpected viewpoints and situated from all around the world ensure that this anthology is both unique yet still holding true to the overall core values in terms of the atmosphere, entities and timeline established by HP Lovecraft and expanded upon by his inner circle of fellow writers in what has been termed the expanded Cthulhu Mythos universe.

This anthology offers the breakthrough collection of stories that fans of the genre have been waiting for, a collection that is more than just rehashing the same ideas of grizzled private investigators defeating cultists or deep ones in the overly saturated time period of the 1920s & 30s.

Twelve fabulous five thousand word Mythos inspired short stories, one per month, filter true events through a macabre mythos lens and attempt to reinterpret some of the years most significant events that shaped the world.

A fresh line-up of authors, both seasoned veterans and aspiring occultists, ensure that although the time periods of the twelve stories may be the same, the locations, settings & narrative perspectives will not.

As reward for funding this campaign backers can chose from the following tiers :- 

  • Digital edition
  • Paperback edition
  • Backer T-Shirt
  • A3 Poster of Cover Artwork
  • Limited Edition, numbered and signed by the authors
  • Your name mentioned in acknowledgements section
  • Private meet-and-greet with the editor one-on-one
  • Have a personalised edition featuring your story
  • Full page Advertising Space
  • Achieve literary immortality by having a minor character named after yourself by your preferred author

The short stories in the anthology will surround events such as :-

  • Why was 1816 called the year without summer, and what was the real cause behind the unexpected eruption?
  • What strange occurrences plagued the opening of the first Jewish Cemetery in Munich, Germany?
  • Who started the fire that burned down the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, at that time the world’s largest and oldest continuous active venue, and more importantly why?

 project video thumbnail

  • Was the French Frigate Medusa striking the reef off the Senegalese coast an accident or something more sinister, including the shocking truth of how long the fifteen survivors found adrift waited before turning cannibal and devouring over a hundred poor souls?
  • Discover the terrible truth behind the motivation that drove the poet Lord Byron from his beloved English shores and destined that he should never again set foot upon his native soil.

These stories and many more can be found inside this thrilling volume.


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