ANNOUNCING . . . Whiskey and Other Unusual Ghosts by S.L. Edwards

Greetings from the Ether,

It is with much joy and honor that we announce the forthcoming release of S.L. Edwards’ debut collection Whiskey and Other Unusual Ghosts. Edwards is one of the most talented writers working today in dark fiction and we couldn’t be more humbled at the thought of Gehenna & Hinnom helming his debut. Featuring an array of stories that transcend genres and themes, Whiskey and Other Unusual Ghosts has a trajectory set for a 2019 release.

We will be announcing the official table of contents and cover art as things progress, and we will have the paperbacks, hardcovers, and e-books set for pre-orders long before the official release date. If you haven’t read S.L. Edwards’ work, we highly recommend you do so. Check out his Amazon page and dive into one of the most promising voices working today.

2018 has been a huge year for Gehenna & Hinnom, and we couldn’t be more thrilled and excited for what the future holds.

S. L. Edwards

S. L. Edwards is an author specializing in Weird Fiction and poetry. His works have appeared in WeirdbookRavenwood QuarterlyTurn to Ash and other Magazines. He has stories forthcoming in anthologies from Martian Migraine Press, Broken Eye Books and others. With artist Yves Tourigny he is the co-creator of the webcoming “Borkchito: Occult Doggo Detective.”

Find his blog and Amazon author page below:



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