Announcing . . . Yog-Sothothery Press & Trump Vs. Cthulhu: The Beginning of an Era

Greetings from the Ether,

We have been cooking something in the back for almost a year now. Something so vile, gratuitous, and deranged that we couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of it every time it arose. We present to you: Trump Vs. Cthulhu!

Coming this election season, fans of Cthulhu will get to see the elder thing battle his toughest foe yet. With enough venom for every and any side of the political sphere, we think this will be a title that anyone can enjoy. You may be wondering, “is Gehenna & Hinnom seriously going to publish this?” Well, the short answer is a definitive “yes,” though it will be under a new imprint of weird and cosmic satire, titled Yog-Sothothery Press. We intend on this title to to be the first of an epic series that will release indefinitely for the foreseeable future. Yog-Sothothery Press is also going to donate large percentages of net profits to charities for renewable energy, in an attempt to raise environmental awareness.

Author Mike Hock and artist Jeff Waits will helm all the projects in this ludicrous franchise, and we are beyond excited to bring the absurdities contained within to life. You can find Mike Hock on Twitter @mikehock74 and for any enquiries regarding the release, email trumpvcthulhu (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also like the page on Facebook here.

Alas, behold! The cover art from Jeff Waits, who will also be the madman behind the interior illustrations. The book is currently up for pre-orders and will release on November 6th to bring everyone some joy this election season.

tvc 2
TRUMP VS. CTHULHU artwork by Jeff Waits

Make sure to follow these pages on social media to keep up-to-date on news regarding this legendary release. We look forward to sharing this with the world and are excited to see what such an unorthodox project will yield for G&H.





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