ASHES AND ENTROPY – Final Hours of Fantastic Anthology Kickstarter

Greetings from the Ether,

As of reading this, there are only a few hours left for the amazing anthology Kickstarter that is Ashes and Entropy. Boasting one of the most exciting TOCs in recent memory, this is a project that will undoubtedly win multiple awards and achieve universal acclaim. And YOU can be a part in its success. The project is only a shy amount from meeting its next stretch goal. We highly encourage you to back the project, and, well, we’ll let the description from the Kickstarter explain the rest:

“Nightscape Press is proud to present ASHES AND ENTROPY edited by Robert S. Wilson, an anthology of cosmic horror and noir/neo-noir. ASHES AND ENTROPY will include brand new stories by Laird Barron, Damien Angelica Walters, John Langan, Kristi DeMeester, Jon Padgett, Nadia Bulkin, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Lucy A. Snyder, Tim Waggoner, Jessica McHugh, Paul Michael Anderson, Max Booth III, Lynne Jamneck, Greg Sisco, Lisa Mannetti,Nate Southard, Erinn L. Kemper, Matthew M. Bartlett, Autumn Christian, and will be published in December of 2018.

ASHES AND ENTROPY will also be illustrated by the phenomenal Luke Spooner of Carrion House Illustration (Luke also created the Kickstarter artwork). As you can see, Luke is an amazing artist. You might have also noticed that we have not showcased a cover for ASHES AND ENTROPY yet. This is because we are simultaneously running a cover art contest for the book. You can go here for more details about that.

We have a variety of great perks to offer including the following:

  • Two trade paperback editions (both a black and white and a color edition) and an eBook edition of ASHES AND ENTROPY (copies of the anthology combined with other items in perks will most likely not be available before December regardless of the month listed on those perks).
  • Signed items and books of all kind, including some out of print editions.
  • Kickstarter-exclusive chapbooks of each individual story in the book signed, numbered, and limited to just ten copies each.
  • A one of a kind Jon Padgett hardcover including his story in ASHES AND ENTROPY “Yellow House” and his forthcoming Nightscape Press Charitable Chapbook THE BROKER OF NIGHTMARES (plus three alternate versions of this amazing novelette. These alternate versions will never be in print elsewhere and offer an unprecedented depth-filled look into this bleak terrifying story, offering twisted eye-opening reflections of the final product along with a short introduction by the author to each version discussing what went into the decision process of determining their fate).
  • Some phenomenal creative perks like story critiques by some of the authors in ASHES AND ENTROPY and special stories created for you and/or with you as a character by John Langan, Tim Waggoner, and Jayaprakash Satyamurthy.
  • Kick back by the beach with your copy of Ashes and Entropy while you take a Nightscape Press vacation in beautiful Costa Rica.
  • Become an executive editor and help me put together a future anthology. Learn how the entire process unfolds from behind the scenes while getting a co-editing credit and some great books.”


If this doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will! Check out the Kickstarter and be a part in an amazing project. These types of anthologies don’t come around often, so keep that in mind when you visit the page!

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