Sci-Fi & Horror Dominated the Super Bowl — Here are the Highlights


As has come to be expected these days, the Super Bowl’s main attraction for entertainment fans resided in the trailers that were premiered during the game. There was a revelation of sorts this year, that only cemented what we at Gehenna & Hinnom have said for a few years now. Horror and Sci-Fi are making the biggest comeback in history, dominating the airwaves and now even the biggest televised event of the year. You had your expected trailers, i.e. Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel, which, while Science Fiction, didn’t quite match the ferocity in which horror struck onto the scene this year.

We’ve compiled the best horror and sci-fi trailers that aired during the Super Bowl for your viewing pleasure:


Jordan Peele’s sophomore effort is already shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of the year. Get Out was an instant classic, and US appears to be taking that film’s social commentary up a notch and turning it to eleven.


In these short clips, Guillermo del Toro and director Andre Ovredal bring the heat. This adaptation of the classic children’s book is sure to haunt new generations of children for years to come.

“Big Toe”

“Jangly Man”

“Red Spot”

“Pale Lady”



Speaking of Jordan Peele, we couldn’t be happier to see him hosting the new Twilight Zone series. He is the perfect choice, and we are sure this new series will honor the original with the creative minds tagged onto the project.


For those who enjoy them some Marvel, here are the Super Bowl exclusive trailers we saw:


We don’t know how you could possibly live up to the triumph that was Avengers: Infinity War, but Endgame seems to be keeping a lot under wraps, which we deeply appreciate (looking at you, Tom Holland).



We have some more footage here, and Brie Larson as Carol Danvers is looking fantastic. We couldn’t be happier to see a powerful female lead coming into the MCU, and we’re sure Larson’s talent won’t disappoint.


And for the television fans, we had:


This award-winning series is back for a third season. While dystopian films seem to be moving away from motion picture rosters to make way for superhero and horror films, television is still a welcome home to dystopian stories. This season looks just as good as the last two.



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