WOO-HOO! The Kickstarter Has Met Its First Goal! Now For The Stretch Goals . . .




We did it! Or should I say, YOU did it. Thanks to your overwhelming support and the amazing response we had to the Kickstarter, we’ve struck gold and hit our initial goal in under 5 days. Now, while this is the greatest news on the planet, we still have some stretch goals that we have aimed to hit since the beginning. The first of which is:

$5,000 Stretch Goal:

  • We will announce 3 new collections
  • The pay for all titles will increase to 3 cents per word.

The following stretch goals are what’s in store if we hit the $5,000 mark:

$7,500 Stretch Goal:

  • We will have an open call for novels
  • We will release two more magazines in 2019
  • All backers of $50 or more will receive all previous 9 e-book issues of Hinnom magazine
  • All backers of $150 or more will receive their choice of either the 2017 Body Horror or 2017 Transhuman anthology in print & e-book


$10,000 Stretch Goal:

  • All short stories/novelettes will be paid professional rates! 6 cents per word
  • We will have an open call for the Year’s Best Cosmic Horror 2019 Anthology
  • We will have an open call for short story collections


We have three stretch goals to meet, and the good news is that there’s still plenty of time. We couldn’t be more honored for the amount of support that has come since the launching of the Kickstarter. To see so many people who believe in Gehenna & Hinnom Books.


Thank you for everything you’ve done. We can’t wait to hit these stretch goals, and to bring you an exciting 2019 of Weird Fiction.


Visit the Kickstarter by hitting the button above!

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