THROWBACK THURSDAY: Lovecraft E-Zine’s Insightful Article on True Detective and Thomas Ligotti

Greetings from the Ether,

With the recent season of True Detective garnering critical acclaim thus far, we thought we’d post a shout out to the Lovecraft E-Zine and their insightful article concerning the alleged plagiarism of Weird Fiction author Thomas Ligotti’s essays in The Conspiracy Against the Human Race throughout the first season of True Detective. With Jon Padgett at the helm with evidence, it remains all these years later to be a compelling examination of the similarities between Ligotti’s essays and Rust Cohle’s philosophies. While Padgett mentioned in an interview with us that these events certainly helped boost Ligotti’s reputation, there are still those among us who resent Nic Pizzolatto due to these allegations. What are your thoughts? You can find the article on Ginger’s head below:


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