WOMEN IN HINNOM (Part 1: The Magazine’s 1st Year) — A Look At Our Female Authors During Women In Horror Month (WiHM)

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It’s Women in Horror Month! Because of this, we thought we’d take a look back at all the talented women writers who have had their stories in our publications, and the ones who will be seen in upcoming releases. We’ll do this series in four parts: the first covering the magazine’s 1st year, the second covering the magazine’s 2nd year, the third covering our anthologies, and the fourth covering upcoming releases. Join us as we highlight these fascinating writers!


Michelle Mellon

Michelle Mellon‘s story “Nailed” appeared in the debut issue of Hinnom Magazine, and it followed a futuristic, dystopian world with a horrific twist of an ending. The title of the story reveals a grotesque truth concerning our protagonist, and Mellon’s ability to capture a unique voice shines as brightly as ever. Mellon recently had her debut collection Down by the Sea, released from Hellbound Books, which we reviewed here, and you can find our interview about Ms. Mellon’s collection here. Definitely a talent to look out for, we encourage you to pick up her collection and check out “Nailed” as well. For those interested, here is our spotlight interview with Mellon concerning her story!




P. L. McMillan first found a home for one of her stories at G&H with her Lovecraftian tale “Godmouth” in Hinnom Magazine Issue 002. Later on, in 2018, she’d submit a story titled “The Space Between,” which would be published in Hinnom Magazine Issue 006. There’s not a lot that can be said about McMillan that we haven’t said before. She’s one of the most original and ingenious writers working in the field today, but don’t take our word for it. Check out this review of “The Space Between” from the Miskatonic Review. McMillan’s ability to conjure unorthodox concepts and thrilling scenarios are on par with no other, and we see an incredibly successful future for her in Dark Fiction. For those interested in learning more, you’ll find our spotlight interviews with P. L. McMillan here and here.


FullSizeRender (14)

Joanna Costello submitted a piece to us for Hinnom Magazine Issue 002 titled “The Nocturne of Manigault,” and we knew upon reading the first few paragraphs that we wanted it. Harnessing an unrivaled expert hand at Gothic imagery, this was a haunting tale of grief and the supernatural that quickly became a highlight of the second issue. Her descriptions were vivid, hallucinatory, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where the future takes her writing career. Make sure to follow her blog for all updates regarding her current writing projects. Here’s our spotlight interview with Joanna, for those interested in learning more!



Seras Nikita‘s story “Dad’s Famous Preserves” found its home in the pages of Hinnom Magazine Issue 004. Nikita has been published in some of the top horror publications out there, including Nightmare Magazine and Pseudopod. Her story in Hinnom was an interesting departure from the purely cosmic we often published, offering servings of familial resentment and a grotesque obsession with a severed body part on a silver platter to our readers. This was a story that investigated human psychology and horror in a compounding way, and was a fresh concept for our fourth issue. We adored the story and are excited to see what’s next for Nikita.



Leah Bond had a story published in Hinnom Magazine Issue 004 that was co-written with Lovecraftian maestro Pete Rawlik titled “Sight Unseen.” The language was beautiful, and we immediately found ourselves utterly enthralled by the happenings within. Leah also has been a massive supporter of Gehenna & Hinnom, going so far as to interview us at the Legends of Tabletop. We are excited to see what the future has in store for Leah, and couldn’t be more honored to have had her work published in Hinnom Magazine.



Marie Ann C. Raguso had a piece published in Hinnom Magazine Issue 004 titled “The Atlantow,” and it was a unique twist on a family curse. Some of the imagery in this story is absolutely mortifying, the kind of weird symbolism you’d imagine reading in a Jeff Vandermeer work. Raguso is a genius beyond her fiction as well, her nonfiction gaining a lot of steam in its own right. Her experience researching death rites is flooring in its immensity, and she is also a veteran and Purple Heart recipient. A jack of all trades, we don’t think it’s far off to suggest Raguso will likely be successful in many fields, as her determination and dedication to the many crafts she enjoys are going to take her to big places.


Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check out our future installments of this series. If you want to join in during WiHM, go out and purchase some books from female authors. Help us bridge the gap between readers and women writers this month!


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