HALF-WAY POINT! Updates to Stretch Goals, HINNOM 010 Cover & TOC Reveal, and More!

Greetings from the Ether,

Only 14 days left until the Kickstarter is complete and we are so close to hitting the first stretch goal. To celebrate, we thought we’d make some updates to the stretch goals, and reveal some of the releases that will accompany these goals.

Stretch Goal #1: $5,000

  • The Withering by Ashley Dioses will see an October Release
  • Past the Glad and Sunlit Season: Poems for Halloween by K. A. Opperman will see an October Release
  • The Dark Walk Forward and Other Stories by John S. McFarland will see a 2019 Release
  • We will release a retro edition of Hinnom Magazine that will be formatted in the vein of the early Weird Tales magazines, and Kickstarter backers will receive it first
  • The pay for all titles will increase to 3 cents per word

Stretch Goal #2: $7,500

  • We will have an open call for novels
  • We will release two more magazines in 2019
  • We will release a Matthew M. Bartlett tribute anthology in late-2019 or early 2020 (how soon depends on if this goal is met), tentatively titled Transmissions from WXXT: A Tribute to the Abominable Tales of Matthew M. Bartlett, which will have a professional paying rate for accepted submissions
  • All backers of $50 or more will receive all previous 9 e-book issues of Hinnom Magazine
  • All backers of $150 or more will receive their choice of either the 2017 Body Horror or 2017 Transhuman anthology in print & e-book

Stretch Goal #3: $10,000

  • All short stories/novelettes will be paid professional rates! 6 cents per word
  • We will have an open call for an original fiction anthology titled Lovecraft’s Dreams: Tales of the Dream Cycle
  • We will release a new series titled Weird Fiction for Beginners, starting with an annotated Arthur Machen collection
  • We will release a new series titled Weird Fiction Illustrated, which will consist of single stories in paperback formats, illustrated in full color
  • We will have an open call for the Year’s Best Cosmic Horror 2019 Anthology
  • We will have an open call for short story collections
Hinnom 010 Cover
Hinnom Magazine 010 Illustration by Dave Dick




“The Split Through the Sky” by Lena Ng

“Its Eyes are Open” by Ben Thomas

“Margaret Lets Her Self Go” by Samantha Bryant

“The Dream at the End” by Chris Pearce

“The Mating Habits of Insects” by Nathan Batchelor


“Serincia, or: The Amours of Death” by Scott J. Couturier


Dave Dick


Max Booth III


Melissa Burkley


David Dawkins


Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Max Booth III

US (2019)


In other news, all active Patreon supporters during the Kickstarter will receive a free subscription of their choice to one of the basic tiers of the KS. For example, if you become a Patron this month, or if you are an active Patron, you can choose between a print & e-book subscription to our novelettes line, our chapbooks line, or print & e-book copies of a single collection (either Pete Rawlik’s Strange Company and Others, or S. L. Edwards’ Whiskey and Other Unusual Ghosts).

Thank you so much for stopping by. We are on the final stretch, so please share the Kickstarter as much as possible!


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