REANIMATED – A Short Film Based on the Works of H. P. Lovecraft — Final 24 Hours and $200 Away from Meeting its Goal!

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As our Kickstarter hits its final week, we want to take the time to highlight another Kickstarter that is in its final two days of crowdfunding. REANIMATED is a short film from Tom Byrne, and we firmly believe it has the makings for a classic of Lovecraftian film. Let’s dive into what the project is all about!

familiar stranger




Last chance to be part of Lovecraftian Legacy as REANIMATED Kickstarter draws to a close!

Portsmouth, UK – 22/02/19

The writings of HP Lovecraft have terrified and fascinated readers since his first short stories were published. In 2019, nearly one hundred years since it was first written, the story of Herbert West Reanimator returns to the screens. By revisiting the source Nightclub_FacebookProfilematerial, Reanimated takes different direction to any other interpretation, exploring the horrifying first few nights of term at the infamous Miskatonic University. Combining high production values with the shocking and offbeat narratives Lovecraft’s work is sought out for, Reanimated is the latest adaptation of the mythos that formed the original shared storytelling universe.

The Kickstarter campaign, launched to complete the budget, is now 94% funded with less than two days to go. The campaign has reached backers from around the world, excited to be a part of the production of this film and to claim exclusive awards, including the ART BY UNIC0RN VOMIT CHARLIEchance to be featured in the film as an extra. There’s less than forty-eight hours for the campaign to raise £186 at the time of writing – and if the goal is not met, the production will lose everything raised so far. Now’s your chance to be included as part of what is proving to be an original and innovative take on the Herbert West Reanimator story, that will surprise and terrify audiences. The Kickstarter can be reached at:

More information can be obtained from the production team. The director, Tom Byrne, can be reached via email. The producer, Sophie Boston, can be contacted via her email. The social media platforms can be found on Other formats of the poster and graphics are available.

Reanimated focuses on the growing friendship between Charlie Hill and his flatmate Herbert West (newcomers Fedrat Sadat and Nick Southcott) over the first few nights of a new year at Miskatonic University. Charlie is a first year student who’s ready to party POSTERand make life-long friends. Herbert is a mad scientist with other ideas, fixated on resurrecting the dead. As things get freaky, Charlie tries to adjust and despite it all, he’s determined to make friends and enjoy the university experience. But when Herbert’s experimentation leads to the full reanimation of a cadaver (Gareth Henry) which awakens with a predisposition to killing, Herbert and Charlie are forced to work together to survive the Dead Man’s rampage across the student town.

The film will be shot in Portsmouth, transforming the historic waterfront city streets into the gothic surroundings of the Miskatonic University campus. The production is set to collaborate with a number of local businesses in Hampshire to bring the full twisted vision of Reanimated to life. This film is made possible due to the Startup Development Funding supported by Santander Universities and the University of Portsmouth.


Familiar Stranger Films is a production company based in the south of England trying to Nightclub_SocialMedia_ALTERNATEfind and tell the stories that help us understand each other a little better. The company has worked on a range of projects; from short films to music videos and recently wrapped work on an instructional film for The University of Portsmouth Ivory Project in conjunction with their research partners at The University of Kent and the Metropolitan Police Service.


If this doesn’t get you interest, we don’t know what will. As of this post, the Kickstarter for Reanimated only needs about $200 more to reach its goal! Let’s help more Lovecraftian art come to life.




Thanks for stopping by! After you check out Reanimated, make sure to stop by our Kickstarter as well as we enter the final week.


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