WOMEN IN HINNOM (Part 4: Upcoming Releases) — A Look At Our Female Authors During Women In Horror Month (WiHM)

Greetings from the Ether,

It’s Women in Horror Month! Because of this, we thought we’d take a look back at all the talented women writers who have had their stories in our publications, and the ones who will be seen in upcoming releases. We’ll do this series in four parts: the first covering the magazine’s 1st year, the second covering the magazine’s 2nd year, the third covering our anthologies, and the fourth covering upcoming releases. Join us as we highlight these fascinating writers!


The Collection:


Ashley Dioses Queen's College

Ashley Dioses is the undisputed queen of dark poetry in our eyes, and come Halloween season, we’ll have the honor of publishing her next collection, The Withering. Ashley also has a poem in the upcoming chapbook Nightscapes, titled “Escaping Twilight.” Dioses is an all star, and we’re sure this collection will send shockwaves through the horror community.  If you haven’t read her work before, you can find her debut collection here, and make sure to check out her blog. There will be plenty of updates in the future about her collection, so stay tuned!


The Novelettes:

Madison Estes

Madison Estes’ upcoming novelette in the Tales From Gehenna series “Unfinished Story” reads as a love letter to classic Gothic literature, spooky mansion and all, but it’s the haunted pages of an unfinished manuscript that are the true terror, and the madness that ensues is enough to quench any horror hound’s thirst. Madison won first place in both poetry and prose in the Inkling contest, and her work can be found in several anthologies. Visit her author page for more info!


clark headshot1
Photo Credit: Richard Kenworthy

Eliza Clark’s novelette “Absent Mouths,” which will be a part of the upcoming Tales From Gehenna series, is a deep space horror filled with contamination, alien species, and fever-filled nightmares. Her work can be found in Tales to Terrify and she is also an editor, having worked on The Female Glaze, an e-zine for female and non-binary film reviewers. She also works in marketing for Mslexia Magazine, and runs a podcast with her partner where they mostly discuss the disappointments of AMC’s The Walking Dead.


The Chapbooks:


M. Lopes da Silva had a story in our Transhuman Anthology, but her upcoming story “The Winding-Box Tree,” which will appear in the Nightscapes chapbook, is further testament to her talents. The story is a hallucinogenic, mind-bending journey as several different creatures tell wild stories to each other. The imagery is disturbing, and M. Lopes da Silva’s masterful language pits us right there in the middle of it. Her writing has appeared in many esteemed publications, including BlumhouseMad Scientist Journal, and The California Literary Review. She is also an illustrator! If you haven’t checked out Michelle’s work, we highly encourage you to do so immediately.


Current Spring 2017

Jennifer Povey’s story “The Door Made for Us” will appear in the upcoming chapbook Have You Ever Seen a Portal? and follows an expedition crew on a foreign world that finds a strange door, which leads to them debating whether or not to enter. Jennifer’s work has previously appeared in Analog and she writes a lot of companion work for RPGs and tabletop games for various companies. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.



Samantha Lienhard’s deep space science fiction tale “The Rings of Khal’Uth” is as close to Golden Age sci-fi that you could ever hope for, and it’ll be published in the upcoming Void Beckoning chapbook. It follows a crew (human and non-human) who are investigating the Rings of Khal’Uth, and the madness that has befallen every other soul that ventured to see them. Samantha has had two novellas and a horror novelette previously published, and you can learn more about her at her website.


The Magazine:

Lena Ng Author Pic B&W

Lena Ng’s story “The Split Through the Sky” will be published in the upcoming Hinnom Magazine Issue 010, and it is one of the best-written stories we’ve ever published. Lovecraftian in theme, the story reads as if ole H.P. himself had been resurrected for the occasion. Lena has been published in some astounding publications, including Amazing StoriesNon-Binary Review, and Polar BorealisWe couldn’t be more excited to see where the future takes Lena, and we urge all of you to read her work immediately if you haven’t already.

samantha bryant

Samantha Bryant’s disturbing horror story “Margaret Lets Herself Go” will appear in the upcoming Hinnom Magazine Issue 010. It’s the type of story that makes you feel like you need to take a bath, all the while having a humorous bone or two. Samantha is best known for her Menopausal Superhero series, and her first novel, Going Through the Change, won a Jacquis Award for feminist writing from Legendary Women. To learn more, check out Samantha’s website!




Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check out our future installments of this series. If you want to join in during WiHM, go out and purchase some books from female authors. Help us bridge the gap between readers and women writers this month!



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