E-Books For Rawlik’s STRANGE COMPANY & HINNOM 010 Up For PRE-ORDER! Print Will Follow Suit!

Greetings from the Ether,

Exciting news! The E-Book editions of both Peter Rawlik’s Strange Company and Others and Hinnom Magazine Issue 010 are now live on Amazon! They will be available very soon on all the other E-Channels as well. The paperback pre-orders will follow as soon as we receive approval from the distributors. The table of contents for Hinnom 010 has changed a bit, as we had to move around some stories due to adding two extra issues to this year’s docket. We think you’ll love the changes and we can’t wait to bring both these amazing projects to life. If you missed the update on Rawlik’s TOC and cover reveals, you can find it here.

Alas, click through the images below and you will find what your twisted mind truly desires!

Rawlik Paperback Draft CoverHinnom Magazine 010 Cover


Thank you so much for stopping by!

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