US (2019) — A Gehenna Post Review

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A couple years back, Jordan Peele blessed us with the film that was Get Out, a mind-boggling study in cultural stereotypes with a large mix of horror spread throughout. Many were eager to see Peele’s sophomoric film US for obvious reasons. While it is an entirely different film than Get Out in just about every way, it was nonetheless an exhilarating ride through hell. From immense performances from the entire cast to an interesting spin on a classic horror trope of doppelgangers, US did not disappoint.

us 1
Still from US (2019)

There are still moments of social commentary in US though they are not nearly as direct as in Peele’s first film. We follow a family as they navigate the aftermath of an attack from duplicate beings that resemble themselves and everyone around them perfectly. In some ways, it’s been compared to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but we didn’t find that comparison to do the film justice. For these entities are entirely different beings that can live independently from their mirrors, so to speak. Not just that, but they also have a much deeper connection to our protagonists than merely a means of attaining hosts.

us 2
Still from US (2019)

The film quickly spirals into very weird territory, abandoning straightforward horror and embracing a cocktail of surrealism and psychological horror. There are many hilarious moments to break the tension, primarily from actor Winston Duke who plays the confused father attempting to understand what is happening all around them. Both child actors, Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex, are extraordinary in their dual roles. The true shining star, however, is Lupita Nyong’o, whose performance is heartbreaking and chilling. She is at times graceful, kind, and then at other times horrific and unhinged.

us 3
Still from US (2019)

There are several twists throughout the film, some handled better than others. We’d encourage potential viewers to go into the film with zero expectations, as these twists could either dampen your experience or possibly heighten it. The cinematography is gorgeous in every shot and the score by Michael Abels is sure to become a classic among horror aficionados. It would be impossible to truly delve into this film without approaching certain spoiler territory, but what we can say is that if viewers who enjoyed Get Out wished to see a larger scale, stranger premise that spun the thread of weird fiction with the now famous Peele social commentary, US just might satiate your appetite.

us 4
Still from US (2019)


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