Sunday Update! Let’s Make This a Regular Thing!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty hectic. Had a surprise trip to the ER the morning of, but other than that, was able to have dinner with the family, which is always nice in trying times. I hope yours was excellent and maybe beginning the month of December with a huge update can start this final month with a bang.

The Game We Used to Play by Christopher Ropes will release in late December! That’s right, this month. It will be our first novelette, and I couldn’t be more excited for all of you to read this magnificent story by one of the greats.

John McFarland’s debut collection The Dark Walk Forward will be released in January! Back to back releases, you say? Yes! I plan to get this company caught up as quickly as possible.

Also, both poets have their dates set for their collections. Ashley Dioses will see her stunning collection The Withering unleashed on April 30th and KA “Pumpkin King” Opperman will shed light on the true nature of our favorite season August 1st with the release of his next collection Past the Glad and Sunlit Season.

Also, post office has been closed for a few days due to Thanksgiving, but the good news is all the titles finally reached me. The holiday shipping times are crazy so it took a couple days longer than expected. For the sake of transparency, I wanted to share this photo of these beautiful books so you know I’m serious (forgive the clutter)! They start going out tomorrow. I said before Christmas, and that was a promise!


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and maybe these books will help make that a reality!

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