New Update: All KS Books Are OUT!


I’m sorry I didn’t update last Sunday. Had quite possibly the most stressful week of my life, but the good news is, all the books that were ordered through the KS of available releases are on their way! Had to bust my tailbone for about ten hours straight to package them all but they are all heading to you and I hope they’ll reach you by Christmas. I know shipping times during this season are insane, but the wonderful non-U.S. residents who backed the KS may be getting their rewards a little later than Christmas, as international shipping always takes forever.

Other than that, I wanted to inform everyone that I haven’t been able to dig into the emails as much as I’d like. Main reason was that phase 1 of repairs was getting these books out to the KS backers, phase 2 will be emails, so please be patient for a little while longer. I’m sure you can understand the urgency I felt in getting all those rewards out, as they are the ones who made these releases possible!

Also, I need to tie down a few last things with The Game We Used to Play by Christopher Ropes. We are still booking for a late December release, so more news on that soon! Until next time, I’ll leave this beautiful artwork for the upcoming novelette, illustrated by the wonderful Luke Spooner of Carrion House.

The Games We Used To Play Art with text



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