A Quick Update!

Hello, everyone!

So, I live in a place where the weather changes every day, even in December. It’ll be 35 degrees one day and 85 degrees the next. Alas, it finally caught up with me and I’ve been very sick! So, my sincere apologies if I haven’t responded. I sent a few emails out earlier but just wanted to update you and let you know I’ve been under the weather. Now, I am aware that the books are starting to reach the backers, which is excellent news! Very excited for you to receive these wonderful titles you helped create.

Since I’ve been bedridden for the better part of a week, I’m going to have to push back the novelette. It’s difficult to even type this post, so I hope you’ll understand. When the title releases, I want to be at my best self so I can promote it as much as possible. We should be looking at a January release, and if everything pans out, we’ll have two books in January!

Thanks again for everything and I hope to be back on the horse in a few days when this stubborn cold (flu?) goes away.

Happy holidays!

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