Welcome to Gehenna & Hinnom.

Gehenna & Hinnom is a continuously evolving and adapting company with the hopes of bringing horror and science fiction fans everything they could ever desire. From articles, short stories, anthologies, and even novels, we want to make this site a home for the deranged and ingenious.

A passion project by author C.P. Dunphey, Gehenna & Hinnom started out as Gehenna Publishing House, eventually forming into what you see before you now. As we transform and reach for larger, more grand pursuits, we hope that you will follow us and join us on this blasphemous, wicked journey into all things macabre and morbid.

Horror is the only genre that is defined and named after a human emotion.

Science fiction is the only genre that asks the question, “what if?” while also being the only genre that predicts the future.

Let’s give credit where it’s due.