NOW HIRING: Acquisitions Editor & Freelance Nonfiction Writer

Greetings from the Ether, After our successful Kickstarter, and with the slew of projects coming this year, we are currently searching for an Acquisitions Editor and a Freelance Nonfiction Writer. Find the job descriptions and how to apply below: Acquisitions Editor: Gehenna & Hinnom Books is looking for candidates for our Acquisitions Editor position. This … Continue reading NOW HIRING: Acquisitions Editor & Freelance Nonfiction Writer

HINNOM Update & Other News

Greetings from the Ether, We hope the holiday season has been kind to everyone thus far! There are a few updates we'd like to inform our readers of, and some new developments to look forward to in the near future! Regarding the December issue of Hinnom Magazine, we have decided to postpone its release and to … Continue reading HINNOM Update & Other News

Survivor Type, by Damir Salkovic

A review of Salkovic’s recent story in Hinnom Magazine Issue 008!

The Miskatonic Review

“Molly was kneeling by the window, her rifle cradled in her lap, her face lit by the red glare of the night. A strange cacophony came from outside, a wailing chant that was half screams and half laughter, accompanied by the rumble of drums and the shrill of pipes and flutes. The infernal din curdled Nick’s blood: he crept to the window and what he saw froze him in place.”

hinnom-008-cover.jpgLike many of you fellow cosmic trespassers, I have, from time to time, wondered what if Erich Zahn had broken a string; what if the strange alchemy of Armitage and Co. had failed and the powder was ineffective; what if Cthulhu rose and the armies of Y’ha-nthlei flopped ashore? In other words, what if Lovecraft’s monsters and gods won? In our last story, we saw a glimpse of that that didn’t quite meet with my expectations, enjoyable though it was…

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Call for Submissions — Novellas, Novelettes, and Chapbooks: Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror

Submissions are live for novellas, novelettes, and our three themed chapbooks!

Gehenna & Hinnom Books


We will be seeking 3 NOVELLAS, 5 NOVELETTES, and 3-4 STORIES FOR EACH (3) CHAPBOOK(S).


The release dates for all titles will be dispersed throughout 2018 and into the first half of 2019.



We are seeking three novellas (15,000 to 40,000 Words FIRM). The genres we are looking for are in the realms of cosmic horror and weird fiction.

We want novellas that surprise us, that haunt our dreams. Speculative fiction with elegant prose and original concepts. Stories that make us think, that catch our attention from the first page and keep us glued to the story all the way to the end.


  • Fiction that isn’t speculative. We don’t want any…

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OUR FIRST COLLECTION: Strange Company and Others by Peter Rawlik

Greetings from the Ether, It's been a marvelous journey thus far for Gehenna & Hinnom Books, and we couldn't be more excited and honored to announce our first single-author collection. Peter Rawlik is one of the most seasoned and well-respected Lovecraftian authors of recent time, and we are thrilled to announce that Gehenna & Hinnom … Continue reading OUR FIRST COLLECTION: Strange Company and Others by Peter Rawlik

NEW RELEASE: Lovecraft eZine Press will release the trade edition of SHILOH on April 13, 2018

SHILOH by Philip Fracassi is coming via Lovecraft E-Zine Press. Couldn’t be more excited.

Philip Fracassi

Available April 13 from Lovecraft eZine Press:



SHILOH is a horror novella set during the American Civil War. It was previously available as a limited edition of 100 copies from Mount Abraxas Press​ (now sold out).  The trade edition will be available in paperback and Kindle editions and will feature a new bonus story, “Soda Jerk — A Sabbath Story”.

“Fracassi’s powerful, precise writing immerses the reader in the savage brutality of a Civil War battle — an exquisitely harrowing precursor to the strange horror of the tale. A masterful, mad charge into the weird.” – Jeffrey Ford​

“Shiloh” SYNOPSIS:

“For two days in the year 1862, the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War held theatre in southern Tennessee – a patch of land called Shiloh.Thousands of soldiers on both sides of the conflict lost their lives, and tens of thousands more were badly injured. For twin…

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Call for Submissions — Hinnom Magazine 2018: Bi-Monthly Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror

Submissions are open until the 15th!

Gehenna & Hinnom Books

Please read the submissions guidelines below. HINNOM MAGAZINE pays $55for accepted stories over 3,000 wordsand$30for stories under 3,000 words.

Greetings from the Valley of Hinnom,

With the amazing success of Hinnom Magazine during the year of 2017, we have decided to move onward with this publication and to make several big changes that will not only widen our reach to the darker side of literature, but will also benefit the authors. The issues will release bi-monthly, on the last day of every other month, starting in February 2018. We seek authors who have a unique voice, interesting writing styles, and unparalleled storytelling talents.

We also encourage prospective authors to read one of our previous publications to get a feel of the atmosphere and themes we favor. We know a lot of publishers say this, but there is good reason for it.


Whereas last…

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Unnerving Press to publish OVERNIGHT – a new novelette – in limited HC / eBook

Ah yes, 2018 looks very bright indeed.

Philip Fracassi

Cover Reveal for my upcoming novelette OVERNIGHT.

Unnerving Press will be releasing this story as a limited edition (60 copies) signed hardcover and ebook on July 16.

You can also pre-buy all of the 2018 Unnerving releases at a great price. Lots of options to explore.

Thanks to Eddie Generous for publishing my work and for creating such a stunning cover. I’m thrilled.

Click the link for more info on my book and the other Unnerving releases.


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Cemetery Dance to publish THE WHEEL as part of their Signature Series

Fracassi news is the best news.

Philip Fracassi

It’s been a crazy week of ups and downs. Dust is still settling on some stuff, but I’m working hard to get things aligned.

That said, one amazing thing I can announce is that the ink is wet on my contract with Cemetery Dance Publications for a new novella — THE WHEEL — to be published as part of CD’s incredible Signature Series of limited edition novellas.


Big thanks to Brian Freeman and Richard Chizmar for having me. I’m beyond thrilled.

More details when they come available.

To see other titles in the Signature Series, visit the Cemetery Dance website:

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