Jeff Johnson


Jeff Johnson is a full time screenwriter and novelist who divides his time between Portland and Los Angeles. He’s the author of the critically acclaimed Tattoo Machine, Spiegel & Grau 2007, as well as Everything Under The Moon, Knottspeed, A Love Story, the Lucky Supreme series (Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review) Lucky Supreme, A Novel of Many Crimes, A Long Crazy Burn, and The Animals After Midnight, and Deadbomb Bingo Ray. His latest short story, “Cantina Kinjiku,” will appear in the upcoming Killer Crimes Anthology, alongside Steven King and Joyce Carol Oates. Literary representation is Mark Gottlieb at the Trident Media Group. The Lucky Supreme series was recently also acquired by Italian publisher Fanucci.

Current television projects with Tom Hildreth of Sternman Productions include Lincoln Park, a police drama set in Portland, Maine, Millinocket, a political comedy-drama set in Millinocket, Maine, Sternman, a crime drama set on the Maine coast, and Lune, a horror-fantasy, based on his acclaimed 2016 novel Everything Under The Moon.