Our Staff

Greetings from the Ethereal Plane,

Gehenna & Hinnom Books boasts a small staff, but our staff are passionate about providing the best possible fiction we can, while we expand and broaden our horizons.

C.P. Dunphey – Editor-in-Chief

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Gehenna & Hinnom Books is the brainchild of science fiction/horror author C.P. Dunphey. After the success of his first novel, Plane Walker, Dunphey decided to use his marketing talents, editorial experience, reputation, and passion for helping other writers find publishing success, to create Gehenna & Hinnom Books as a medium for new, up-and-coming authors who dwell in the darker side of fiction. Dunphey has edited thousands of short stories, many novels, and has published short story collections of famous authors, in addition to annotated and revised collections of public domain works. He has helped hundreds of authors find publishing success and hopes to help many more in the years to come.

Caleb Stephens – Assistant Editor

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Caleb Stephens is a CPA and author who resides in Denver, Colorado. His short stories have been published in Horror Tales Podcast, Ink Stains, and Hinnom Magazine, for which he is the Assistant Editor. His stories have also received honorable mentions in Writer’s Digest and Allegory Magazine. He is currently neck deep in his second novel, a dark speculative horror thriller that keeps him up way too late at night. When he’s not writing, he can be found honing his guitar chops or playing with his three daughters. Learn more about his work at www.calebstephensauthor.com and follow him on Twitter and Medium @cstephensauthor.

Christina Ngo – Editorial Assistant, PR Specialist


Christina is currently studying Marketing Management at the University of Southern Mississippi. She hopes to delve into the publishing world and to help authors reach broader horizons with their work, while ensuring that Gehenna & Hinnom stands apart from other publishers with its professional and personal approach. When Christina’s not corresponding with authors or working on her degrees, she can be found organizing events with USM’s Vietnamese Student Association and pampering her pet bearded dragon.

Travis Holmes – Contributing Editor

Travis Holmes is a multi-faceted artist, whose work can be found here. In addition to illustrating the covers of both Hinnom Magazine Issue 003 and Hinnom Magazine Issue 004, Holmes is also a contributing editor to Gehenna & Hinnom Books, most notably, his essential guidance and support with the upcoming The Annotated Works of Arthur Machen.


If you have a short story you are prepping for publication, or you have a novel that needs that finishing touch of revisions, feel free to email us with an inquiry.  There is no set price or budget we require, as each work is different and we are also aware of the ridiculous prices charged by most editors.

We promise to work with you, with your budget, and your time constraints.  We also vow to help in any way possible, with the goal in mind of perfecting your vision and bringing your brain child into a wonderful, thriving existence.