Scott J. Couturier


Scott J. Couturier is a writer of the Weird, grotesque, perverse, & darkly fantastic. His poetry & prose began cropping up in literary journals & anthologies in 2017 – venues he has contributed to include The Audient Void, Spectral Realms, Hinnom Magazine, & Weirdbook (forthcoming). His fiction has been repeatedly featured in the Test Patterns & Pulps anthologies from Planet X Publications. In 2014, he self-published two dark/Weird fantasy-dystopia novels (first two in a projected five-part series titled The Magistricide). 2017 saw publication of the third volume (The Curse of Roc-Thalian): the series is currently undergoing edits & evaluation for a future re-release.

Scott was born & raised in the remote northlands of Michigan (the ‘Upper Lower Peninsula’). He graduated from Knox College in 2008 (creative writing & English lit). He was a co-founder of Knox Quiver, the college’s genre webzine (now a campus institution). Afterwards he traveled to New Mexico for a spell, then back to his hometown in the northlands. Currently he works as a content & line editor for Mission Point Press.