Sergio Palumbo

Sergio - ente per ente- PALUMBO

Sergio is an Italian public servant who graduated from Law School working in the public real estate branch. He has published a Fantasy RolePlaying illustrated Manual,  WarBlades, of more than 700 pages. Some of his works and short- stories have  been  published on American Aphelion Webzine, WeirdYear, Quantum  Muse,  Antipodean  SF, Schlock!Webzine, SQ  Mag, etc.,and  in  print  inside 32  American Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Steampunk  Anthologies52  British Horror/Sci-Fi Anthologies2 Urban Fantasy/Horror Canadian Anthology and 1 Sci-Fi Australian Anthology by various publishers, and 16 more to follow in 2017/2018.

He is also a scale modeler who likes mostly Science Fiction and Real Space models, some of his little Dioramas have been shown also on some  Italian (scale model) magazines like  Soldatini, Model Time, TuttoSoldatini  and online  on American site StarShipModeler, MechaModelComp, on  British SFM: UK site  and  Italian  SMF .

Some Sci-Fi/fantasy/Horror short-stories by him in Italian have been published on Alpha  Aleph, Alpha  Aleph  Extra, Algenib, Oltre il Futuro, Nugae  2.0, SogniHorror, La Zona Morta, edizioni  Lo Scudo, Antologia  Robot  ITA  0.1, Antologia  Il Segreto dell’Universo,  Antologia  E-Heroes,  etc.’

The internet site of his Model Club “La Centuria”:

Here a brief presentation of Michele DUTCHER  who edits all the first draft of Sergio’s short- stories:

Michele Dutcher, aka Bottomdweller,  lives  in a carriage house in Old Louisville Kentucky with her border collie – Daisy Dukes.  She has a BS degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University with minors in theology & sociology  and  has been writing Science Fiction stories for about a decade. She edits all the first drafts of Sergio’s short stories.